Readers of my last site, and this one for that matter, may remember the priestophobic epistles in the Cincinnati Enquirer of Gerard Ahrens of Westwood, a school teacher at Pleasant Ridge’s Nativity School. No matter what the topic, he always dragged the priest abuse scandal into it and always smeared the priesthood in toto. I complained to archdiocesan school superintendent Dr. Jim Rigg, who told me he would take an unspecified action. The letters seemingly stopped, but lately I’ve noticed one “Lynn” Ahrens of Westwood adopting the same tactic and tone. Surely, Gerard isn’t writing under his wife’s name to skirt a decision taken by Dr. Rigg! Here’s “Lynn’s” latest:

Why spend vast sums of money on legal fees in federal court to terminate a teacher (“No verdict in fired teacher’s lawsuit” June 1)? After all, Catholic school teachers know that their contracts can be non-renewed without cause at the end of any school year.

The answer is one word: “Grandstanding.”

Since all the disgusting priest sex abuse cases dominate the news, the Church is obsessed with projecting itself as the mighty defender of the world against all things it deems sexually “deviant.” So, a point must be made as to exactly WHY this teacher’s contract is not being renewed, which results in thousands of dollars going to lawyers instead of, perhaps, needy children.

So, it would seem, being pro-life means that how a child gets along here in this world is nowhere near as important as how the child was conceived.

Lynn Ahrens, Westwood

And here’s another.