The Catholic Telegraph of Cincinnati reports that Bishop Roger Foys of the nearby Diocese of Covington has told his flock not not to assist at the Masses of an SSPX chapel:

COVINGTON, Ky. — By all outward appearances, Our Lady of the Assumption church in Walton, Ky. looks like any other Catholic church building. The inside may even look familiar to any practicing Catholic but there is one important clarification — it is generally morally illicit for a Catholic to participate in that parish’s Masses.

Our Lady of the Assumption, which opened in 2010, describes itself on its website as a Roman Catholic Church, but the church is actually a chapel of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), a schismatic organization not in communion with the Holy See in Rome and thus not a canonically recognized entity.

Bishop of Covington Roger J. Foys addressed a letter to the faithful of his diocese in Friday’s edition of The Messenger, explaining SSPX and the dangers of becoming involved with that community.

“It is morally illicit (unlawful) for the Faithful to participate in Masses of the Society of St. Pius X unless they are legitimately impeded from participating in a Mass celebrated by a Catholic priest in good standing in the Church (cf. Code of Canon Law, canon 844.2),” Bishop Foys wrote. “Participation in such Masses and in the administration of the sacraments at the chapels of the Society of St. Pius X can, over a period of time, lead to a schismatic habit of thought and heart as one slowly imbibes a mentality which separates itself from the Magisterium of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.”