The Population Research Institute (PRI) has released a report accusing Catholic Relief Services (CRS)of aiding population control efforts in Madagascar.

CRS says nuh uh.

The thing I find most telling is this part of PRI’s report.

Finally, we note that the head of the Catholic Relief Services Tamatave regional office, Andry Ramamonjisoa, was previously employed by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).  As Mr. Ramamonjisoa noted, “Before this [CRS], I worked with UNFPA, mainly dealing with family planning.”

Surely this man’s history was known to the CRS-Madagascar director when he was hired and posed no obstacle to his employment. In fact, we would guess that his experience in running population control programs for the UN was probably viewed as an asset. After all, CRS was accepting funding from USAID to carry out a family planning/population control program, and it needed to convince USAID of its seriousness of purpose. What better way than to hire a UN Population Fund expert—a self-described Catholic who obviously disagrees with the Church’s teachings on the life issues—to run it?

CRS’s response is less than adequate.

There is also a reference to the previous employment of a CRS employee. Without confirming those details, we can say that all work done while in the employ of CRS is in compliance with church teaching whatever an employee’s previous affiliation.

This attitude smacks of the prevalent attitude I find in many organizations that expect money from me. “We know what we’re doing just give us your money and we’ll take it from there.”

Also PRI states that 70% of CRS money comes from the US government.

Can this be true?

CRS doesn’t even try to deny it.