When we last heard from Xavier University theology professor Adam Clark, in 2008, he was defending Obama spiritual advisor Jeremiah Wright’s racist and repugnant “Black Liberation Theology” in the pages of the Cincinnati Enquirer. (It prompted a response from your host, which the editors ran.) Last week he reappeared with an op ed to malign the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, sniffing piously that “procedural justice is not substantive justice” and dismissing the jurors’ decision as “formal legalism.” He then has the audacity — or is it just ignorance? — to close the piece with an appeal to “America’s highest ideas about civic equality and democratic inclusion,” as though the jury nullification of the mob is a path to those “ideas” (he almost certainly means ideals). Can someone refer me to a piece written by a member of XU’s theology department that is worthy of more than being stuffed up the bottom of a charcoal chimney?