So I’m reading this highly inspirational tale of a possible saint, but definitely a person of holy life. Margaret Leo of McLean, Virginia. This girl lived her life in excruciating pain, great love, and simple faith. And after her death, miracles apparently have occurred by her intercession, which isn’t surprising except that it’s DC. 🙂

But anyway… the point is that this girl lived her life in excruciating pain. She could have died AT ANY TIME. They probably should have Confirmed her as early as possible, i.e. about age 6 or 7. But they made her wait until she was a teenager for Confirmation, and just like all the other kids in the diocese, she had to study not one year, but TWO YEARS! to receive the Sacrament!

Were they high???

Seriously, who the heck waits to give a girl Confirmation, when she obviously could use strengthened faith and gifts of the Holy Spirit? A little kid who’s in danger of death needs to be LOADED UP with Sacraments, not held back!

And Confirmation, of all sacraments, is tied to Baptism. That’s why the Eastern folks do Baptism and Confirmation all at once. Even in the West, kids used to receive Confirmation a lot younger than we do now (ie, age 6 or 7), and the Vatican has long been pressuring the US to quit turning Confirmation into a Bar Mitzvah. So it literally would have been easier to Confirm this girl (and all her classmates too) on any random day before this girl was 14.

Is there some kind of rule that people have to ACT LIKE MISERLY IDIOTS around all saints and suffering people, just to make them suffer more? Is that really who we want to be, the meanie of the story?

Argh argh argh argh argh.

Please, bishops, wake up and take care of your people. There is no reason to make sacramental prep harder for children who are sick. Without dumbing anything down, it should be a no-brainer to individualize their preparation.

And there’s no reason that any child should have to spend two years, as a teenager, studying up for something that should have been given as part of the childhood Sacraments of Initiation. Confession, Confirmation, and First Communion are a set, and kids today need the Gifts of the Holy Spirit earlier rather than later. Quit spiritually starving them and dressing them in spiritual rags. They are co-heirs who deserve to receive their rightful heritage.