Just when you think the place couldn’t sink any lower, Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel announces a new catechetical course led by Sister of Charity Marge Kloos, a notorious women’s ordination advocate and acolyte of a pagan goddess named “Sophia” who by-the-way was just convicted of voter fraud. Session 5, on “Circles, Triangles, and One Christ at the Center,” is sure to be fascinating.

SACRE is a school for teachers, catechists, RCIA teams, and other interested adults. SACRE is a four or six-week session workshop that features topics on Christology, sacraments, church, scripture, morality, church history and other religions.

Fall 2013
Women and Christianity
Sr. Marge Kloos
Professor of Theology, Mount Saint Joseph College (Editor’s note: She resigned from serving as dean of the arts and humanities department in the wake of the voter fraud scandal.)

Course Topics:

Session 1 Women and Christianity: A Perspective from World Religion

Session 2 Biblical Images of Women & Important Implications for Today

Session 3 Discipleship: Invitation and Evolution of Enfleshing the Spirit of God

Session 4 Martyrs, Saints, Mystics, Humanitarians, Feminists

Session 5 Circles, Triangles, and One Christ at the Center

Dates: Saturdays; 9/14; 9/28; 10/12; 10/26; 11/9
Time: 9:00 – 11:30 AM
Location: TBA (on XU’s campus)
Fee: $60
To register contact Nancy …