Still single, still alone in the morning, but now at least she’s part of the herd, just like all her pitiful excuses for friends!

Moohoo! Conformity! Men stop pressuring you so much when you give in and stop being a virgin! Heck, they even stop being romantic, and you don’t want it either. It’s all very business-like, once you’ve committed to sin.

Pundit Sarah Hoyt notes sympathetically about the woman that it’s hard to be a rebel, and that non-conformity and chastity is difficult nowadays. But still, it’s a sad day when a woman gives into the world and gets nothing back but the mooing of fellow herdmembers.

OTOH, the woman does credit her Dayton Catholic school and the sisters’ chastity program for keeping her a rebel as long as she was. Unfortunately, it’s clear that she was brooding on sinning for quite a while, much though her instincts and conscience tried to save her. There’s only so much that good parents and good schooling can do for you. At some point, you have to learn to do the right thing, grow in Jesus, and drop everything else in the way of that — or mooooove into the herd. She doesn’t seem to have looked for a husband in any of the right places, preferring to stay herded with her single friends who also weren’t looking correctly.

So yes, this story shows the importance of having friends with morals, boyfriends with morals, and dressing in a non-floozy way. Because wow, as soon as she had spent enough time in bad company to erode her own morals and tastes, and then started dressing like she was for sale, she suddenly felt like that kind of person too! Moo!

But I’ve done stupid junk because of societal expectations and peer pressure and curiosity, too. I didn’t keep on doing it, though. I wised up and realized how stupid and worthless it was. It wasn’t even fun to sin, and for this I was risking my immortal soul? Out of what? Embarrassment? A pathetic attempt to fit in with losers? Or worse, sinking to the level of friends who could do better, because I didn’t care enough for them to argue with them?

The good news is that repentance, Confession, and reparation are open to everyone. You don’t have to stay with the herd forever. You can always rebel again. You don’t even have to be strong yourself; you only have to ask Jesus to help you.

Hopefully this woman will see that before it’s too late, because right now she’s in a very sad place. The herd won’t help her stay out of the slaughterhouse. They won’t even see it coming. They’ll moo happily together all the way to the end, never noticing that the herdmember in line ahead of them is no longer alive. Because the herd doesn’t care for any single member. Not really.