Church festival season is upon us, and you know what that means: our parishes are flooded with political candidates diametrically opposed to Church teaching.

The problem is especially acute this year, as Cincinnati’s current city council members were bought and paid for in 2011 by the $40 million in campaign cash Democrat-leaning unions carpet-bombed over Ohio in the SB 5 collective bargaining fight. This particularly leftwing class of Democrat politicians is now up for reelection.

Friday night the openly homo5exual — and entirely obnoxious — Chris Seelbach, who made news earlier this year by trying to get Anthony Munoz booted from a Xavier University commencement speech over the NFL hall-of-famer’s support for marriage, afflicted St. Mary of Hyde Park’s Funfest along with a dozen of his acolytes. I had hoped to chat with him but missed the chance. (I was working at the beer booth.)

I did get to speak to mayoral candidate John Cranley, a Democrat and alumnus of St. Xavier High School who was quick to tell me he’s pro-life. When I asked him about marriage, he said he was “liberal on that issue.” I responded that the Church has three “not negotiable” principles she takes to the public square (1. the right to life, 2. the defense of traditional marriage, and 3. the right of parents to educate their children) and that he’s in clear violation of one of them as he campaigns at a Catholic parish. “So do you want [the more liberal] Roxanne Qualls?” he asked. John’s a nice enough fellow, but “the other guy’s worse” isn’t much of an argument or position.

In any event, I do hope the city’s pastors do their duty and catechize their flocks this fall.