Right after some gleeful commentary from the strutting, scandal-plagued president of Xavier University, your host was quoted in an article today in the Cincinnati Enquirer on Pope Francis’s doctrine-shelving, 12,000-word essay on the Church’s pastoral concerns:

Rich Leonardi, a local businessman and a practicing Catholic, is afraid people might take that out of context. Leonardi is certain the church will be better off staying true to existing doctrine.

“Some of his words, and I do not think this was his intention, will be misinterpreted by those who oppose the church’s teachings,” Leonardi said. “Getting loose with doctrine leads to smaller communities. Churches that are growing demand more.”

And as if on cue, in a related post, Ron Kozar shares a local anecdotal scenario no doubt taking place throughout the Church in America this week and in coming months:

[A]t a certain Catholic high school attended by the children of a certain commenter on this blog, a young religion teacher ebulliently told her students today, after the bell had barely finished ringing for the start of class, that a welcome new era has just dawned in the Church, and that, with the Pope’s comments yesterday, the old, fuddy-duddy teachings about contraception, homosexuality, and all that were now officially going into that cupboard above the fridge, where we put the things that we don’t really use anymore.

Lastly, here’s Jlo at Rochester’s Cleansing Fire, sharing her concerns:

Thank you Rich Leonardi and Richard Thomas for assuring me that I am not alone in thinking this is a nightmare. Pope Francis keeps making statements in a new papal language: double-speak, which is confusing for everyone…. at best!

Just saw Fr. Morris on FOX and he was gushing about how this Holy Father is merely puting the mercy of Jesus first. Then Fr. Morris read a letter from his sister who married her girlfriend (he said he did not approve) and she is so moved and happy at this Holy Father’s understanding of the love of Jesus for her in her life. Fr. Morris was thrilled! Said Pope Francis reached her with this message when all this time Fr. Morris could not. HUH??? She’s still “married”!

Pope Francis in just six months has the entire world confused about Catholic teaching as he gives the MSM and the enemies of Holy Mother Church all the fodder they need to blast the true church. And I can’t believe he doesn’t recognize why the Church is losing followers, that the reasons are exactly opposite of what he told media!

I hope and pray that Pope Francis will start to sit (kneel) quietly, preferably in Adoration, and back off his constant public statements and become a thoughtful, deliberative shepherd. Personally, that’s what I look for in my popes, not scurrying and currying and doublespeak. He says the Church has never been in better shape? Oh my. Enough from me. I, too, need to read everything, digest it, and pray, pray, pray, because at first blush, I find all this terrifying. +JMJ