Happy Feast of the Most Holy Rosary! And for those from Eastern rites, Happy Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God!

All the parishes I’ve ever been in (that had statues of Mary at all) always gave her a Rosary this month.

The Pilgrim Virgin statue was tooling around town last month, but I unfortunately missed it. I still remember it visiting our parochial school back when I was a little kid, and how we got a special Fatima presentation. Teaching kids how to pray, and the various ways they can contemplate Christ’s life and Mary’s, is a good thing. It sticks with them for life.

Pope Francis had an audience at Castel Gandolfo, where he said to the crowd, “You say the Rosary every day, right?” and they all roared back, “Yes!” It wouldn’t do us any harm, if we could say the same as those folks at the audience.


Today is also the day of St. Therese of Lisieux. Hurray for the Little Flower!

There are a bunch of other saints remembered today, including St. Romanos the Melodist (it’s good to be a hymnwriting theologian!), the eponymous St. Remigius of Rheims, Blessed Crockett, and St. Dodo.

(His name was probably really “Gundesil” or “Ardoin” or something similarly spun out; but Franks started cutting names down to size around then, and “Dedo,” “Dido,” or “Dodo” is the short version of these sorts of D- name particles. Saxons in England ended up with names like Libba and Bubba by a similar shortening process.)