The local Dominican province is putting together a new hymnal of traditional Office hymns (bilingually — in Latin and English), to the tune of the traditionally used (Dominican) chant tunes, for the Liturgy of the Hours. (Dominican tunes have some differences from those of other Uses, but they’re just as old and genuine.)

Basically, it’s a more reasonable approach than just picking J. Random Hymn and dumping it into the Hours. We have all these perfectly good hymns that were written for the Liturgy of the Hours, after all, so they may as well make use of our Catholic heritage!

They’re calling it the Hymnarium O.P. The website includes sung music/video files (under the tab “Melodies”), for those curious about the tunes.

Anyway, if anybody’s got some spare donation cash, follow the link. You can help print all those new Dominican vocation guys a hymnbook. (Also, you’ll be included in the Mass intentions of a Mass said at St. Peter’s in Rome.)

Also, if you donate at least 25 bucks, you buy yourself a hymnbook too! Win win!

Found via Chant Cafe.

UPDATE: As of today, the donate-$25-and-get-a-hymnal-for-yourself offer is OVER. You can still go on the website and leave a message that you want to buy one, and they’ll see what they can do about selling them, but it’ll be a while.