I’ve written before about the orthodox renewal underway at St. Cecilia parish in nearby Oakley under the leadership of its energetic and humble pastor Fr. Jamie Weber. The Mass is reverent (with a generous dose of Latin), confession is offered daily (and greeted by lines of penitents), and its ministries to the local community active and well-staffed. Fr. Weber has also made beauty a central part of his renewal; a refurbished tabernacle that shines brilliantly in the sanctuary was step one in a full-blown restoration effort completed this year. Until now, most of my observations about its growth have been anecdotal. Last week, St. Cecilia released a summary financial report, and on the back-page is a set of statistics to show “the parish at a glance.” Here are a few highlights: since 2010 Mass attendance is up over 10% (from 738 to 814), registered families are up over 40% (from 617 to 876), the school population has grown by 36% (from 176 to 240), and baptisms by 27% (from 51 to 65). What’s more, the average Sunday collection has grown by nearly 40% (from $8,461 to $11,788). Not bad for a parish rumored to be on the brink of closure a half-dozen years ago. This is where orthodoxy leads.