Those of you with high school seniors know that Nov. 1 is the date when many college applications are due. Our senior will probably be monopolizing the family computer most of the weekend as a result. (Next year, our oldest will enter college and our youngest kindergarten.) Most of the schools under consideration are public universities in the Southeast. So we looked for a resource that would “rank” or at least highlight the quality of each school’s Newman Center. The Newman Connection provides basic information on most centers, especially the availability of the sacraments, which is a good measure of health. For instance, the Catholic Campus Ministry at Auburn University, a school on the short list, offers daily Mass, four Sunday Masses, Confession twice a week, and Adoration once. That’s better than most parishes! And as I mentioned earlier this year, two of our high school students are studying Newman Connection’s YouCat course. Their site is a great resource — spread the word.