Evidently Oct. 25-27 was “Family Weekend” at Xavier University, and this evening one visiting mom shared her observations of Mass at Bellarmine Chapel:

I did a google search for Bellarmine chapel after attending mass there this weekend at parent’s weekend. I’m sure you will not be surprised that a year later it’s business as usual. No Gloria. Some ad-libbed profession of faith done in the style of baptismal promises, but not actual baptismal promises, ad libbed Eucharistic prayers and a very dense dark wheat bread that crumbled everywhere….

A friend who once served as an altar server at Bellarmine recalls students wiping their hands on their pants to “get rid of the crumbs.”

Meanwhile, Archbishop Schnurr, who came to Cincinnati promising a laser-focus on youth ministry and outreach to young Catholics, has been nominated to be the next USCCB president.

Forgive me for being “consumed” by the goings-on at Victory Parkway.