Bishop Salvatore Matano comes to Rochester, New York from Burlington, Vermont.

Cleansing Fire hears the news and rejoices!

A commenter quotes Matano’s remarks at the press conference: “We must remember above all else to trust in Jesus Christ, High Priest, King of Creation, Ruler of All, and Spouse of the Holy Mother Church. He is our defense, and a surer refuge no one has ever possessed.” Another links to a Vatican Radio talk with Matano (in English).

Background from the Rochester diocesan website.

Whispers from the Loggia points out that he’s a canon lawyer and a buddy of Cardinal Burke. He’s got a strong background in administration too, and has spent most of his time in Burlington doing repair of the damage there (financial and legal, as well as religious). Includes video of the press conference.

Background from WCAX and more background. Talks about his time in Burlington.

Matano will be installed as bishop on Jan. 3, the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. He’ll keep working in Burlington for most of the time till then.

Father Z has a tidbit about his zeal for souls. He supports the EF as well as the OF, and has said the EF as well as promulgating it in Burlington.

Rich must still be at work (or maybe he’s out celebrating), so I’ll post this in honor of my Rochester cousins and aunt. Let’s all pray for Bishop Matano! He’ll need it!