Catholic philosophers and theologians speak of the “Three Transcendentals” by which God reveals Himself to us: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. The first of these comes to us through Scripture and doctrine, the second through the natural law and our moral code, and the third through the natural and manmade beauty that surrounds us. In the iconoclastic aftermath of Vatican II, beauty was given short shrift, but fortunately is making a comeback. One parish that’s reminding its flock of the importance of this third transcendental is St. Cecilia of the nearby Oakley neighborhood, mainly through it’s weekly bulletin. The cover generally features an evocative work of art or photograph keyed to the liturgical calendar or time of year. This week’s bulletin focuses on Veterans Day, and presents two related images to us. The first, on the cover, is a famous photograph of a priest giving communion on a World War II battlefield. The second, a new image for me, is a picture of a Pieta-inspired marble relief from the U.S. War Memorial at Anzio that shows Mary holding a fallen soldier. Here it is — enjoy: