This morning as I read through Ken Overberg, S.J.’s latest homily, on Advent, for Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel, I was struck by how relatively normal it was. Aside from a misdating of Matthew’s Gospel — the weight of current scholarship argues for a date earlier than the 80s, where he puts it — his reflections are mostly helpful explanations of the liturgical calendar, the nature of prophecy in the Old Testament, and how we should apply the readings to our own lives. And then I reached the penultimate paragraph, which demonstrates that Overberg simply cannot shake his long-running heretical fixation on denying the doctrine of the Atonement:

We know that there is much violence in our world. We need not recall all the horrors. For now it is enough to be attentive to the common varieties of violence in our everyday lives: the abusive remarks that tear at family relationships, the cynicism and sarcasm that eat away at trust, the deep-seated belief that violence saves. Still, all shall be well! God’s ways lead to peace.