Here’s a re-post of my Amazon review of Amy Welborn’s Loyola Kids Book of Saints for today’s feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius:

A year or so ago when I was visiting a friend in Newport, Rhode Island, he took me to one of his favorite watering holes. I believe the name of the place was O’Brien’s. It was trivia night, and though the contest was half-over, we decided to participate.

Through a combination of luck, relative sobriety, and a meager knowledge of history, we managed to come from behind and win the contest. The final question concerned “the inventor of the alphabet used by Russians and other Eastern European peoples.”

A few months before, we had read as a family from Amy Welborn’s excellent “Kids Book of Saints” about Cyril and Methodius, and I knew that Cyril was the man behind “Cyrillic.”

A member of the second-place team must have thought we were trivia hustlers. “How do you know that!?” He continued to badger my friend and me until we paid our tab and more or less slunk away with our ten-dollar winnings.

And that is how Amy Welborn nearly caused a bar-fight in Newport, Rhode Island.