Or, more precisely in one instance, heresy.

Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel releases the schedule for its Lenten series of speakers, beginning with Brennan Hill, co-author of a notorious book and video series on the Catechism that aimed to muddle its doctrines shortly after its release, on “The World of Jesus: Son of Joseph and Mary, Son of God,” and featuring Ken Overberg, S.J. on — wait for it — “The Life and Death of Jesus: An Alternative to Atonement Theology.” Because what better way to prepare yourself for the paschal mystery than by denying Christ’s salvific action on the cross?

By contrast, nearby St. Mary of Hyde Park and St. Cecilia (of Oakley) release their rock-solid lineups here and here, respectively. St. Mary’s lineup is especially encouraging; not so long ago its Lenten series was downright Bellarminesque.