Over at his wonderful site, “Bonfire of the Vanities,” Fr. Martin Fox of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati critiques (eviscerates, really) business reporter Josh Pichler’s recent Notre Dame-invoking argument against the new archdiocesan teacher contract in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Here’s a sample from his lengthy and thorough post:

So it all really hinges on something Mr. Pichler doesn’t seem interested in: is the Catholic Church right about human sexuality? Is the Church right in saying that two people of the same sex attempting “marriage” is no marriage at all. Because it’s contrary to God’s plan for humanity (“unnatural”), it won’t really lead to ultimate happiness. It cannot. It involves mortal sin — which, if unrepented of, means eternal loss in hell.

And if I believed that — and I do! — then how can I be all smiles while this path in life is celebrated?

Mr. Pichler may not believe this; he doesn’t say. But if Notre Dame really is the ultimate expression of the Catholic Faith (“You don’t get more Catholic than Notre Dame”–uh, yeah you do; and Mr. Pichler really ought to be embarrassed to resort to this sort of bromide. Will he quote George Gipp and sing the Alma Mater next?), then he knows full well what the Catholic Church believes.

So I’d love to hear how he solves this problem. Unfortunately, he isn’t interested in actually taking Catholic teaching seriously.

Read the whole thing.