This morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer features a guest column from a parishioner at St. Vivian Church. It is a call to open dissent over the Church’s teaching on pelvic issues. Anyone who has lived in the confines of the AOC won’t find it surprising, as the lack of catechesis and the practice of pastors and archdiocesan officials winking at this sort of thing were widespread. But as Bill Clinton would say, “That dog won’t hunt anymore”; the arguments are stale and predictable. One statement did stand out, however:

I’m uncomfortable with church doctrine that excludes women from the priesthood and calls LGBTQ lifestyles sinful. These attitudes perpetuate misogynist and homophobic ideals that marginalize minorities and make all women and LGBTQs vulnerable to self-hatred and social marginalization on a global scale. In the media, we witness daily violence and oppression toward women and gays – victims who have paid a steep price for the collective nostalgia Catholics enjoy.

My first reaction is, thank goodness we worship the Holy Trinity instead of a feminist from Finneytown! Since when has one’s “comfort” been a guiding principle in matters of religion? If it were so, we’d all end up worshiping gods who look just like ourselves. Or worshiping ourselves outright. In any event, one can hope that the writer will receive some much-needed fraternal correction from her pastor.