In the event you’re looking for another reason not to give money to my college alma mater, the University of Dayton, president Dan Curran just provided one:

The University of Dayton is divesting from fossil fuels in an effort to become more sustainable. The private, Marianist school of 11,000 says it will begin a phasing out of coal and fossil fuels from its investment pool of $670 million. The move means the school will no longer have money backing fossil fuels companies.

“We cannot ignore the negative consequences of climate change, which disproportionately impact the world’s most vulnerable people,” said Dan Curran, UD’s president. “Our Marianist values of leadership and service to humanity call upon us to act on these principles and serve as a catalyst for civil discussion and positive change that benefits our planet.”

Meanwhile, in a piece on the “scandal of fiddled global warming data,” the Telegraph of London reports that the U.S. has actually been cooling since the 1930s.