Check, check. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Is this thing on?

My apology for the long absence. I recently made a major career shift and the ramp-up has monopolized my time. Today is my first full day in Cincinnati since July 20. I did manage to sneak in a trip back home to Rochester, New York, and learned some good news. First, Fr. Ronald Antinarelli, the longtime priest at Our Lady of Victory-St. Joseph parish, an oasis of orthodoxy in the Diocese of Rochester, was recently elevated to pastor by Bishop Salvatore Matano “as a matter of justice.” Fr. Antinarelli had been denied that distinction by Bishop Matano’s vindictive and unmourned predecessor. Kudos to him. Also, Bishop Matano’s decision to enforce canon law restrictions that reserve the homily to the ordained appears to be going well. (His predecessor scandalously and illicitly encouraged would-be priestesses to deliver homilies.) While there have been catcalls from Rochester’s graying dissenters, the faithful have raised their voices in defense of Bishop Matano, as this letter in this morning’s Democrat & Chronicle shows:

Thank God for Bishop Salvatore Matano and his efforts to return us to orthodoxy. When I accepted the Catholic Church eight years ago, I gave her my unconditional obedience to not only what she teaches, but what is expected of me.

As Catholic women, maybe we should imitate the mother of Jesus to “do whatever he tells you.”

Also, to infer that because of celibacy a priest can’t relate to families is absurd.

St. John Paul II said to dissent from Catholic teaching is “grave error.” Either we are Catholic, or we are not. Where does your treasure lie?

It’s wonderful to see Rochester become a place of hope after so many years of despair.