In her July 18 interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer, the new head of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who describes herself as a “Northern Kentucky girl” due to her local roots, claims,

That’s one of things that I’ve heard criticisms of the Muslim community in general, that we’re not outspoken when things like [Moslem terrorist atrocities] occur. CAIR is always at the forefront in terms of issuing press releases condemning any type of inappropriate actions that are harmful to people regardless of the reason why that occurred and even more so when somebody tries to do so in the name of our faith.

Since the interview, the Moslem terrorist group the Islamic State has cleansed the ancient city of Mosul of all Christians, after giving them the choice between conversion or death. And yet a quick Google search of “CAIR,” “Mosul,” and “Christians” reveals nothing but silence from the preferred dialogue partner of the USCCB and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. (They appear to be preoccupied with bashing Israel over its war with Hamas, which is unsurprising given that CAIR operates as the terrorist organization’s U.S. branch office.) For a primer on CAIR, read my 2007 piece for Catholic Exchange.