Rochester’s Cleansing Fire blog reports that Bishop Salvatore Matano has launched a new home for Rochester’s Traditional Latin Mass community at the long-suffering St. Thomas the Apostle parish/worship site. As DOR observers may recall, former (Deo Gratias) ordinary Matthew Clark effectively shuttered STA as part of a purge of tradition-friendly pastors and parishes during the waning days of his hellish episcopate, which sparked an appeal by STA parishioners to the Vatican. Bishop Matano is doing what a shepherd does: responding to a genuine need and providing comfort and support to wounded members of his flock. STA is in the city’s Irondequoit neighborhood and is literally around the corner from my mother’s and sisters’ homes, so the Leonardi family will certainly pay it a visit during trips home. Here’s a snippet from Cleansing Fire:

Fr. Bonsignore went on to state that the Bishop is concerned “not only for us” but for those STA parishioners who have drifted away from their former parish. STA is described as a “semi-closed” worship site which now belongs to St. Kateri Tekawitha parish. Fr. Bonsignore noted how the STA parishioners have been praying for a long time and petitioning for the reopening of STA. What Bishop Matano is said to be proposing is two Sunday (only) Masses — the Novus Ordo at 9:00 AM and the Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form) at 11:15 AM. In the current proposal is no provision for any weekday Masses. Fr. Bonsignore described the STA community as orthodox, having a reverent sense of the sacred. The implication is a compatibility between the two communities. These are not separate rites; these are two forms of the Roman rite. The possibility for Holydays of Obligations, Feast Days and even the Triduum are not yet discussed. Catechetical plans need to be established too. We were told that baptisms, weddings and funerals would be done under either (both) of the forms. There are obviously many details to be worked out, including reported repairs needed to STA, which has been effectively closed for several years. There will be a role for volunteers (and some even volunteered before they left today.) Fr. Bonsignore noted the importance of “Charity in Everything” as we approach these matters.