We dropped off our oldest child at college last weekend, and, as heartbreaking as it was (I guess I didn’t get the memo about what a gut-punch that milestone is), one of the things that gives us comfort is the Catholic student organization at Auburn University.  It is a beehive of authentically Catholic activity, with frequent access to the sacraments via their close partnership with nearby St. Michael the Archangel parish, hours for adoration, numerous speakers on a variety of topics, and plenty of opportunities for fellowship with other Catholic students.  There is also an energetic FOCUS missionary on campus we met through a family connection.  Here’s the postcard from the campus ministry team that arrived with today’s mail:


Our second child has his eye on Georgia Tech, so we visited its sprawling campus in downtown Atlanta on the way home.  GT’s Catholic Center is very impressive, offering daily Mass and almost daily Confession at the Center’s chapel.  And like Auburn, they sponsor numerous catechetical programs and opportunities for fellowship.  Interestingly, the campus hosts one of the few Knights of Columbus college councils.  If my kids are intent on heading south for school, at least they’ll have opportunities to grow in the Faith.