Fully consistent with the one step forward, two steps back nature of this episcopate, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is hosting a series of talks on the liturgy that’s a “Who’s Who” of official establishmentarians and partisans, including the grievance-peddling director of archdiocesan African American Ministries, Deacon Royce Winters, who once chastised a colleague for not rhapsodizing Obama in a post-election homily, and Catholic Social Action office chief Tony Stieritz, who has successfully turned his department into the local headquarters for “Catholics for Obama.”  (Are you sensing a theme? Meanwhile, their caudillo just announced his intention to force 400 Catholic institutions to comply with his HHS mandate.)  A notable exception is Sean Ater, the director of “new” New Evangelization office, but even he is teamed up with the long-tenured head of the Worship office.  But vocations are up, so there must be nothing to worry about.