So I went to the local Franciscan Media’s “Saint of the Day” site tonight to read to the kids about tomorrow’s St. Januarius (our usual books weren’t at hand).  Here’s what we got:

It is defined Catholic doctrine that miracles can happen and can be recognized—hardly a mind-boggling statement to anyone who believes in God. Problems arise, however, when we must decide whether an occurrence is unexplainable in natural terms, or only unexplained. We do well to avoid an excessive credulity, which may be a sign of insecurity. On the other hand, when even scientists speak about “probabilities” rather than “laws” of nature, it is something less than imaginative for Christians to think that God is too “scientific” to work extraordinary miracles to wake us up to the everyday miracles of sparrows and dandelions, raindrops and snowflakes.

I got furrowed brows from the little ones and chuckles from the middle schoolers.  (In fairness, the linked audio version is better.) In related news, they’ve launched a new site dedicated to channeling St. Francis through Pope Francis, the comment box for which is apparently for Ultramontanists only; they deleted my comment about Pope Francis’s “verbal incoherence.”