The latest “urban hike” from the Pilgrimage of Faith team of the local Boy Scouts is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 4, in Dayton, Ohio.  What I especially like about this ongoing effort is its deliberate embrace of the history and tradition of the pilgrimage — they even liken scout troops to crusading “ancient armies of old, knights in armor.”  Information is available on the website:

The Central Trail is a loop trail beginning and ending at Holy Angels Church in Dayton, Ohio  h   The Hike Direction sheet has the address and now includes map Coordinates

The Central Trail is in downtown Dayton. It visits eight parishes and the chapel at the University of Dayton. Part of the hike will be along the Great Miami River.  The Churches along the Central Trail are Holy Angels Church, Emmanuel Church, Sacred Heart Church, St Joseph Church, Holy Trinity Church, Holy Family, St. Anthony of Padua Church, St. Mary Church and the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception at the University of Dayton.