Readers might find interesting a “comment controversy” on the website for the Cincinnati Enquirer  involving an accusation by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the recognized dialogue partner of the USCCB and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, of “hate crimes” against a Moslem candidate for public office in nearby Butler County.  Here’s a link to the story and here’s the text of my comment:

CAIR, the US front for the Hamas terrorist organization, has zero credibility on “hate crimes”; you can’t so much as cock an eyebrow at a Moslem on a bus without it making their notorious and risible list of such crimes.* Steven Pomerantz, former FBI assistant director and chief of the FBI’s counterterrorism section under President Clinton, once charged that CAIR’s activities “effectively give aid to international terrorist groups.” Learn more about this dangerous organization at the following links:

* It’s worth noting that this comment, originally posted on Oct. 17, disappeared from the Enquirer’s website, most likely after CAIR complained to the editors, one of their tactics for silencing critics. I posted a follow-up comment on Oct. 18 noting its removal, and now my original comment is back. It’s also worth noting that the editors have removed from the story the unfounded charges of CAIR representative Karen Dabdoub. In any event, at a time when most major news organizations discount CAIR’s claims due to the group’s track record of deception and their well-documented ties to terrorist organizations, it’s a shame the Enquirer still treats them as a legitimate news source.