On October 27th, Pope Francis addressed the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and talked about evolution as one of God’s probable methods of Creation. News reports in English had the Pope saying, “God is not a divine being.”

What the Pope actually said was, “….Dio non è un demiurgo….” which is the Italian for “God is not a demiurge.”

In heretical Gnostic theology, the creator of the material universe was an evil or depressed lesser being called the Demiurge [Builder] who was often identified with Satan, whereas God was a higher being (or beings, or eight beings, or….) who never wanted matter created at all. Christian Gnostics justified this term (like many others they used) because it was used once in the Bible in Hebrews 11:10 – “For [Abraham] looked for a city that has foundations, the Architect and Builder of which is God.” (Of course St. Paul didn’t mean it like they meant it.)

So yeah, maybe some of you will believe me now about the pathetic inaccuracy of the current Vatican English translations. 🙂

UPDATE: Actually, it wasn’t an official or even an unofficial Vatican translation, so apologies to vatican.va and the translators! (However, the English version still isn’t up as of 10/31/2014, so what’s up with that? Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, but no German or Czech or English? Are you guys on vacation?)

No, it was Religion News Service that messed up. Here’s Dawn Eden’s initial story on Get Religion, with comments from RNS: “Religion News Service monkeys around with that Pope Francis evolution speech”. Here’s a story about the RNS comments, and Get Religion’s defense of Dawn Eden being critical. Basically, they don’t expect reporters to know stuff or to be able to look stuff up. Reporters don’t dig for information. (Yeah, there’s a surprise.)