Among the catechetical establishment in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, lectionary-based or liturgical catechesis in the RCIA has a near-cult status.  It dominates the resources, texts, and training materials circulated in parishes here, and the North American Forum on the Catechumenate, the format’s biggest booster, serves as a parallel magisterium and finishing school.  (Over the years it’s also served as a very useful pretext for any RCIA director seeking to shut-down the suggested use of a catechism, as your host learned in the last decade.)  All of this is balderdash, of course.  One need not use a lectionary-based format in the RCIA, as this article demonstrates fairly clearly.  In fact, one need not attend RCIA at all to become Catholic; most converts come to the Church from other Christian communities, and the RCIA is specifically for catechumens, i.e., the unbaptized.  In any event, one of the high priestesses of this “near-cult” has been invited by the archdiocesan offices of Worship and Evangelization & Catechesis to speak in Cincinnati and Dayton later this month.  You can find more information here.