The always measured and, to some, frustratingly fair-minded Fr. Dwight Longenecker writes about the interconnectedness of art, faith, music, worship, and beauty in authentic Catholicism. The key ‘graf, one of the best pithy illustrations of lex credendi lex orandi I’ve read, follows:

The church is in crisis and the fact that some of the perpetrators of this well meaning exercise in brutal iconoclasm are [now] approaching the highest level of the hierarchy is discouraging indeed, for be assured what they have done to the architecture is symbolic of what they are doing to the church and her teachings. Just as the altars were stripped the sacrifice of the Mass which was offered on those altars was watered down to be a fellowship meal. Just as the images of saints and angels were removed so veneration of the saints and angels was scrapped. Just as the reverence and solemnity was replaced by banal music and servers in sneakers so the belief in what was held sacred was denigrated and thrown out.

The touch-point is the Voskoesque destruction of the chapel at nearby Columbus’s Josephinum seminary overseen by Bishop Blase Cupich, recently elevated by Pope Francis to the see of Chicago.