Cincinnati’s Old St. Mary church in the historic and “urban cool” Over-the-Rhine neighborhood has a spiffy new website under its new(ish) pastor* Fr. Jon-Paul Bevak. Go check it out. It features his weekly column to catechize the faithful and inform parishioners of the many “goings on” at OSM. Last week’s entry includes interesting historical details about the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and this week’s is on Gaudete Sunday.

* Actually, Fr. Bevak is the “parochial administrator,” which means that while he’s the priest in charge, he can be removed at any time by Archbishop Schnurr. (Pastors typically serve a term of, I believe, six years.) This transient status for priests seems to be a particular favorite of +Schnurr’s. I wish it weren’t. It’s hard enough to introduce orthodox renewal at a parish without the pastor and his flock knowing that Father can be sent packing at a moment’s notice.