The Cincinnati Enquirer posts a leaked copy of this year’s teacher contract for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, which made news in recent years for requiring teachers to assent to settled doctrines routinely challenged in the public square.  Why this should be controversial is telling in and of itself.  If you took a job with, say, Chipotle, would you be surprised if you weren’t allowed to promote Taco Bell’s menu?  In any event, the contract is to be accompanied by an FAQ.  Here’s a snippet:

Q: Will a Catholic teacher get fired for supporting a gay son or daughter?

A: It depends on the situation. If the support is “purely personal, non-public” support, then, No.

If the support rises to the level of “advocacy,” then, perhaps.

Q: What if a Catholic teacher was married outside the Catholic church? Will he or she have to get re-married in the church in order to keep teaching?

A: Typically, no.

Q: What if I live with someone for financial reasons but the relationship is not romantic? Is that OK?

A: Yes.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati is again updating its contract for teachers – tweaking the so-called “morality clause” that details what teachers can and can’t do.

They can, for example, attend a gay child’s wedding.

They cannot, however, blog in support of gay marriage.

The Archdiocese is not yet releasing the contracting – saying it’s an “internal document” since teachers won’t be asked to sign until April or May – but the Enquirer obtained a copy through outside sources.