To borrow a phrase, local Catholic history often repeats itself, first as calumny, then as farce.

Gerard Ahrens, the disturbed teacher at Pleasant Ridge’s Nativity School whose bizarre tirades against priests and bishops in the Cincinnati Enquirer got him censured by the schools office for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati a few years ago, has returned under a variety of new aliases to grind his priestophobic ax.

Here is “Leo” Ahrens stamping his foot about the Archdiocese’s new foundation last January.

Now it’s “Andrew” Ahrens’s turn to make a connection between the Fifty Shades of Gray movie and — wait for it — the priest abuse scandal in February.

In fact, a simple search of the Enquirer website reveals over a dozen such phony letters.

In any event, pray for this sick man and be glad your children are spared the fate of Nativity’s students.