Perhaps they received an embargoed copy.

Cincinnati’s usual archdiocesan suspects are so giddy with anticipation over Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical on the environment — and so certain of its contents — that they’re throwing what amounts to a “papal pregame party” later this month.

Addressed to “church and school facility managers, grounds keepers, finance leaders, and homeowners” it attempts to answer the question “How can we, as a community of faith, more fully answer the call for sustainability?” Whereby participants will “explore how the local Church can reduce our environmental footprint, lower utility bills, nurture nature, and increase our commitment to energy efficiency in our homes, schools and parishes.” Naturally enough, the keynote will be delivered by Tony Stieritz, Director of the demonstrably partisan Archdiocesan Catholic Social Action Office.

Because a diocese that lost over 90,000 Catholics in the last decade really ought to expend resources promoting the junk science and eco-spirituality they assume is in the Pope’s as-yet unreleased encyclical.