Fifteen years after the USCCB warned against its use in an unpublished report, and twelve years after the Vatican included it in its document on the dangers of New Age spirituality, the local Sisters of Charity are still hosting workshops on the enneagram:

Enneagram & Spirituality, presented by Donna Steffen, SC, will be offered at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse on Saturday, May 9, 2015 from 9 AM-3 PM. This workshop describes the ways each personality type learns to distance oneself from true experience and manage life. Receptivity to spiritual experience as distinguished from orchestrating life, with habits of thought, behavior, and emotion, will be explored, with ways to experience receptivity. An understanding of the enneagram system and knowing one’s own type are pre-requisites for participating in this workshop. FEE: $65 payable at time of registration. For CEUs add $15. Please contact the Spirituality Center …

Learn more about this neo-pagan practice in a 2012 piece in Catholic World Report.