Lest anyone think the silly season that followed Vatican II had been vanquished once and for all by the doctrinal and liturgical renewal ushered in by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, this afternoon a group of 60 Moslem, Jewish, and Catholic students — 20 from each religion — “will work together in the spirit of interconnectedness and unity, to establish a new butterfly garden at Imago Earth Center, and in doing so, form connections among one another.”

I’m not making this up.

In much better news this weekend, 7 men from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati were ordained to the transitional diaconate yesterday, meaning they will be priests next year at this time. There is also a reasonable hope that as many as 12 will be ordained priests in 2019.

While I believe Archbishop Schnurr’s laser-focus on priestly vocations to the exclusion of his other episcopal responsibilities has been unnecessary and irresponsible, I am very gratified that it is bearing some of its intended fruit.