Since he took the helm at Cincinnati’s St. Gertrude parish, home to a Dominican priory for the Province of St. Joseph, pastor André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P., has written a series of short catechisms on a variety of contentious topics for the weekly bulletin. His latest from over the weekend concerns cremation, which many Catholics believe is now as legitimate as Christian burial. As Fr. LaCasse shows, that just ain’t so. Here’s his summary of his catechism:

It is very important that the Catholic faithful understand all the points above:

  • The Church still prefers the burial of the body over cremation.
  • It is recommended that cremation should take place after the funeral Mass. Only under “extraordinary circumstances” should cremation take place before the funeral Mass.
  • Plans should be made for the cremated remains to be buried in a grave in a reasonable amount of time if the interment does not take place immediately after the Mass.
  • Scattering cremated remains is not reverent disposition.
  • The Church requires that the cremated remains be interred.