January 2016

When the AOC makes a wise decision we should acknowledge it.


Here in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis the buses went. The bus from the local parish (along with many others) got stuck for nearly 24 hours on the Pennsylvania turnpike.

I have been to the march 8 times but haven’t been in a few years. Last year our archdiocese made some rule changes about chaperons that I disagreed with so I and my family won’t be going with them unless it gets fixed.

I’ve seen many praises for the people that “braved” the elements and participated this year. Good for them. Bad for the people in charge that never should have allowed them to be there.

I have two sons at Christendom college just 60 miles west of Washington. Christendom shuts down school for the day and sends all the students on buses to the march. Not this year. They prudently canceled. I am thankful.

I opened at random this morning our would-be confirmand’s new sacramental preparation book distributed today by our territorial parish.  On page 24 of RCL-Benziger’s Confirmation is a two-page hagiographical spread on progressive local “martyr” Dorothy Stang, a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from Dayton who was murdered ten years ago defending the jungles of South America.  To make matters worse, the publishers have the audacity to liken her to St. Anthony of the Desert, whose memorial is coincidentally on today’s date.  They dub her “the Angel of Trans-Amazonia.”


FWIW, we home-catechized our middle-schooler’s three older siblings for confirmation largely because of the progressive agitprop masquerading as Catholicism foisted upon the parish by the since-gone dissenting baby-boomers on staff. The parish education programs are now in generally more reliable hands, but surely we can do better than this silliness from RCL-Benziger.

Re-posting this from my Facebook page, where one commenter remarked on what a negative effect the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s nonstop fundraising abuses of the liturgy must have on those returning to the Church during and after Christmas:

So CMA Sunday is upon us in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. That means all local pastors are required by the Archbishop to play a fundraising video at Mass in place of the homily (in clear violation of liturgical norms) to benefit the Catholic Ministries Appeal. This comes on the heels of the just-concluded “One Faith, One Hope, One Love” campaign, which for four straight weeks had one Eastside parish otherwise renowned for its orthodoxy similarly replace the homily with fundraising appeals by laymen and videotaped local celebrities. Enough already! The AOC may be squeezing an extra nickel or two out of the faithful, but they are trivializing the Mass and turning the one encounter most Catholics have each week with the Gospel into a cheap shakedown. Can we please just stop?