I opened at random this morning our would-be confirmand’s new sacramental preparation book distributed today by our territorial parish.  On page 24 of RCL-Benziger’s Confirmation is a two-page hagiographical spread on progressive local “martyr” Dorothy Stang, a member of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur from Dayton who was murdered ten years ago defending the jungles of South America.  To make matters worse, the publishers have the audacity to liken her to St. Anthony of the Desert, whose memorial is coincidentally on today’s date.  They dub her “the Angel of Trans-Amazonia.”


FWIW, we home-catechized our middle-schooler’s three older siblings for confirmation largely because of the progressive agitprop masquerading as Catholicism foisted upon the parish by the since-gone dissenting baby-boomers on staff. The parish education programs are now in generally more reliable hands, but surely we can do better than this silliness from RCL-Benziger.