September 2016

And here’s what the students and baby-boomers of Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel learned over the weekend from Ken Overberg, S.J., about the Sunday readings:

  1. “Social justice is the concern of religion”; not a concern mind you, but the concern.
  2. The capitalized term “Reign of God” is casually slipped into the text, a sure reference to the dissentient theology which goes by that name and that was described and debunked by Pope Benedict in his now classic work Jesus of Nazareth.
  3. Early “puzzled” Christians fabricated much of the content that follows the parable of the unjust steward in Luke’s Gospel.
  4. The First Letter to Timothy was “not actually written by Paul, but by an unknown author probably in the second century.”

That is all.

Here’s what I learned from Ken Overberg, S.J., in his recent homily delivered to the students and baby boomers of Xavier University’s Bellarmine Chapel:

  1. “Our gospels are not exact histories or biographies.”
  2. “At least three layers make up the gospels: the words and deeds of Jesus, later
    remembering and interpreting the life of Jesus (some preached, some written), and still later in new contexts the written gospels.”
  3. “As best as we can tell, Jesus did not share” Luke’s “view” of salvation.
  4.  The purpose of suffering presented in the Letter to the Hebrews “contradicts Jesus’ image of God.”