A recent sign of the secularization of our culture is the phenomenon of “meatless Mondays,” promoted as though there’s never been a custom in our society of skipping meat on a day that falls closer to the end of the week (hint: rhymes with … “Cryday“). It’s especially disappointing to see Catholics peddle it, as is the case with the folks at Xavier University’s Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice (XUDDCFJ, ‘natch). Under a regular feature on its website, “Dorothy Day’s Top Five,” you’ll find this item at the top:

#1: Meatless Monday is today in the caf. Sign up to commit to a meatless Monday today in Fenwick from 11:45-1:15 or 5:00-7:00.

How this relates to faith or justice is anyone’s guess.  Perhaps bovine rights are the new frontier.