Cincinnati’s Bellarmine Chapel, a local shrine on the campus of Xavier University dedicated to pelvic dissent, fanciful exegesis, 70’s-style liturgical abuses, and, foremost, denying the salvific action of Christ on the cross, posts last Sunday’s musings from Ken Overberg, S.J., wherein he undermines Christ’s teachings on divorce — just in time for the Synod on the Family.

Here’s the money ‘graf:

Finally, the gospel presents Jesus’ teaching on divorce, as modified by the evangelist. Mark adapts to the Gentile world Jesus’ conviction, adding the part about a woman divorcing her husband. Jesus would not have said that, because Jewish women could not divorce Jewish men. In our context today, we are keenly aware of the seriousness of divorce. We search for ways to be faithful to Jesus’ vision and to be compassionate and wise in our own real world. Indeed, beginning today in Rome is the Synod on the Family that will address these very issues.

He goes on to take note of Respect Life Sunday by sneering at the pro-life movement.

Early in his episcopate, Cincinnati archbishop Dennis Schnurr confronted Xavier University president Michael Graham, S.J., about the many troubling things taking place on campus, even going so far as to issue an ultimatum. It’s fairly obvious at this point who won that standoff.